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Why Survey?

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"What is a survey and why does a home buyer need one? A survey is the process of evaluating land to locate boundaries and other features. The surveyor then draws a map to communicate his findings. The typical residential survey will show boundary lines, the location of the house with respect to the boundaries, set backs, easements, fences and any other encroachments relating to the property, as well as a statement where the property lies in a flood plain."

~ Atlanta Business Chronicle

Legal Description

All land in the United States is conveyed by deed which contains the legal description of the property to be transferred to the new owner. The only way to ascertain whether the property described in the deed is the same property a buyer thinks he is purchasing is to compare the legal description in the deed with that on the survey. There have been countless surveys where the legal descriptions on the deed and survey varied by several feet.

A survey shows the exact relationship of the house to that of the property lines. Each county has different setback requirements from the actual property line. A survey will reveal whether or not the house, fences, or other structures on the property encroach into that area. A land survey also shows the exact relationship of the property you are purchasing to that of your neighbors.

Buyer beware! Never assume that what you see is what you are buying!
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