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Some Of The Most Respected Surveyors In Atlanta!

When it comes to getting a job done, it's always a good idea to hire the best. In real estate, hundreds of thousands of dollars (if not millions!) are on the line. For many people, buying a house is the most important financial decision of their lives. Getting a proper survey of the property you're considering buying can save you from investing in a financial headache downe the road.

Our surveyors are some of the best in the Atlanta area. We have decades of experience and stories after stories of people investing in land or real estate where there was no survey done- only to learn of a major problem later. Likewise, we have so many stories of people who spent a little money on a survey of the property and saved themselves their life savings when the surveyors let them know of problems.

The Survey Revealed The Man Didn't Own His Pool

We have a million stories, but here's one that stands out. A man spent more than $400,000 on his dream house with an incredible pool in the backyard, but when a survey of the land was done, the man discovered that the pool he so badly wanted was almost entirely built on his neighbor's property! He had to spend over $100,000 to tear up the pool and rebuild it on his own land. A proper survey could have saved him a lot of money!

At McClung Survey Services Inc., we are committed to helping our clients get peace of mind. We do this by setting the standard with determinging property line maps. Our goal is simple- to ensure that the real estate you're investing in has no surprises. There are far too many people buying real estate without a proper survey. This is simply a risk that you don't have to take. You'd be amazed at how often there are issues with property lines!

Learn How To Read A Property Survey

Our owners, Jeff McClung and Michael Noles, work with realtors all around Atlanta to help them learn how to read a property survey. This enables realtors to see potential problems their clients could be facing. Imagine the possibilities!

Our surveyors are available for speaking engagements to your group or association. Real Estate Agents, Brokers, and Closing Attorney's can all benefit from knowing the importance of a good property survey.

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