Mcclung surveying - land surveying services throughout metro Atlanta, including commercial and residential properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • When Is A Surveyor Neeeded?
    -When land is bought or sold.
    -Before land is divided.
    -If a line or corner location is unknown or in dispute.
    -If a money-lending agency requires a survey.
    -Before constructing a building or fence.
    -Before conveying a lot from a larger tract and the lot has not been surveyed.
    -Before cutting timber near a property line.
    -When you believe someone is encroaching on your land.
    -To establish easements and rights-of-way.
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  • What services are included in my survey?
    -Examine your deed and those of adjoiners and look for evidence of any problems.
    -Advise if you actually need a survey.
    -Find and mark your corners properly.
    -Cooperate with your attorney, realtor, banker, engineer, or architect.
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  • How much will my survey cost?
    There are many factors involved, including:-The purpose of the survey and the equipment needed.
    -Terrain and vegetation.
    -If the surveyor has made other surveys in the area.
    -If there are disputes over any lines.
    -Deed research required.
    -Number of unknown corners.
    -Existence of fences.
    -Vagueness of descriptions.
    -Number of acres.
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  • What else can McClung Surveying do for me?
    These additional services are also available. Please call for an estimate.-Mark and stake property lines.
    -Survey subdivisions, establish new corners and markers.
    -Locate buildings, fences, right-of-way, encroachments, other possession evidence.
    -Appear in hearings as an expert witness.
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  • What does McClung Surveying need from me?
    -The purpose of the survey.
    -Your deed or a copy of it, or the Book and Page where it is recorded in the County Clerk's Office.
    -Any plats you have and information about the location of property lines.
    -Any information you may have about disagreements over location of corners and lines.
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  • What will I receive from McClung Surveying?
    -Work done in accordance with State laws, regulations, and to the highest standard of ethics.
    -Plat of Survey.
    -Mark property corners.
    -Additional services are available, at varying fees, according to your specific needs.
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  • Caution for Landowners:
    -Don't mistake preliminary traverse lines for true lines.
    -Don't move or relocate markers.
    -Before hiring a surveyor, check their credentials, experience, and years in business.
    -Contact the surveyor well before the survey is needed.
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